January 18th- 25th, 2020

The Journey Is the Destination 

The Grow & Flow yoga retreat is a week long  intensive experience specifically designed balance your entire body & mind with thoughtfully curated practices of yoga, meditation and healing arts. 

 Through yoga practices designed to nourish your body & soul from within, we will journey home together to lost territory due to the business of daily life, and excavate what has built up in the body and mind from our past experiences and patterns of habit.  

Without  intending to, we accumulate these patterns which lead to limiting beliefs, blocks in our energy and an overall feeling of “stuck-ness”.  From this type of existence, often we lose sight of  our true nature and in turn dampen the fires of the soul.

This retreat will be a powerful journey or re-establishing your innate potential with breath,  conscious movement, profound meditations, nourishing fresh food, healing body treatments, and exciting adventures set in the exquisite location of Costa Rica. 

 Each practice building upon the next as we stoke the embers of your soul to set your life ablaze. 

You will also gain 40 hours of CEU credits through the Yoga Alliance.

Set in one of the most naturally beautiful places in the world-our retreat center is nestled in the jungle right on the ocean.

 Each meal is prepared by local chefs focusing on the abundant organic produce native to Osa, Costa Rica. 

There will be daily yoga practices to help you feel connected, alive, and restored. 

 In addition to 1-2 yoga classes a day, there will be specialized workshops offered for Thai Massage and Yin Trigger Point Therapy and Solidifying Your Brand Workshops..

For those who want adventure, there will be jungle hikes, surfing, tree climbing, waterfall rappelling, and more. For those who want a more restorative trip there are hours to spend relaxing in the sun, getting a local plant inspired body treatment, or listening to the waves during an outdoor, magical massage. 

This yoga Intensive is designed as such because this is my goal for you to leave feeling strong in your body and mind so that you leave this retreat with a renewed purpose from connecting deep with yourself through the practices and exploration or your innate power.


The Grow & Flow Retreat Experience


Magic Is In The Details

  • 8 day/ 7 night all inclusive stay
  • 4 delicious, wholesome meals a day (organic, gluten-free, vegan/vegetarian, allergy, omnivore friendly)
  • Daily  yoga practices where you will sharpen your technical and intuitive skills through carefully crafted * powerful practices.
  • Workshops on Solidifying Your brand, Thai Massage, Advanced Alignment principles,Yin Yoga, & Yoga Nidra  
  • 2 Surfing Lessons
  • Nature Excursions in the Jungle
  • Optional Massage, Acupuncture, and Spa Treatments. 
  • Option to have yoga pictures or headshots captured by our professional photographer


Connect Back to Your Instinct

The Osa Peninsula is the most beautiful and untouched part of Costa Rica. The magic of the land, and the remoteness of the Boca Sombrero provides you with an unparalleled experience to unplug from your busy life and plug-in to restoration.


Why Boca?

Having been there several times, we knew Boca Sombrero in Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica was the perfect spot. Cradled between the rainforest and ocean, Boca is truly a gem tucked away from the rest of the world. From the calm, warm, inviting ocean steps away from the accommodations, to the lush grounds teeming with wildlife, we knew it was the right place to nurture the precious souls on our retreat. The staff at Boca feels like family and truly cares about the well-being of each guest and the food is some of the best we have ever had- local, fresh, creative, and inspired. 


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