About Brook

Brook's love for movement as a way to connect and heal began at the age of 4 as she used ballet to help her deal with the pain of childhood trauma.  As a young adult she found yoga and fitness helped her deal with  the excess energy and shame she still held onto from a tumultuous youth and learned how to use the practice of yoga to heal as a vehicle to become the success she is today.

As a yoga teacher, personal trainer, nutrition coach, mother and entrepreneur, she brings a special set of skills to each class and session that she teaches.

With clients ranging from a 73 year old hip replacement recipient, to a 23 year old Dallas Cowboys rookie, she has to constantly continue her education and innovation to deliver to each unique client their special needs.

Her specialty is showing students their true potential lying dormant within them and bringing out the fire in each one of her students to lead healthier more holistic lives.


About Dustin

Dustin Miller

Dustin is passionate about building and supporting community efforts.  He has taught yoga for non-profit, corporations, studios, leads yoga teacher trainings, workshops, and now yoga retreats.

He is a strong influence to students with  his steadiness, patience, and infectious smile.  His teaching style consists of Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow, Power Yoga, Yin and Yang Yoga. 

Dustin started his obsession with  intelligent movement when he was 12 years old in martial arts. He was able to find a deep study of himself and the practice.

After the age of 18, his studio closed down and he had trouble finding something that brought him the same connection of mind, body, and soul. In 2008 he started to hear more and more about yoga, and fell in love with the practice and it's ability to help him connect more deeply into is own spirit.

In late 2015, Dustin took the leap and plunged  into yoga teacher training, getting more serious about his practice. Through his journey, he found more about himself than he thought possible. After receiving his certificate he immediately started teaching  donation based classes, with the donations contributing  to a community garden.  His teaching quickly became his main focus and study.  

Today, you can find Dustin teaching classes in Dallas/Fort Worth, that will stimulate the body as well as push you mentally with his challenging formats and fun style.  His classes leave you feeling invigorated and remind you of your innate strengths that you have, and challenges you to always explore the deeper and finer aspects of the practice. 

Check out his instagram @dharanayogi.

Specialized Workshop Leaders

Lynn Alexander


Lynn will  be leading the Thai Massage class focused on teaching self care and techniques for healing.  

Thai Massage is based on the principle of Metta, a meditation on love and compassion for all beings. It is said that Thai Massage is the physical application of loving kindness. Lynn's style is a modern blend of traditional Thai massage with myofascial release, abdominal massage and energetic bodywork. Compression along energy lines, hand and foot reflexology, gentle stretching, rhythmic rocking and deep breath work are used to create a profoundly effective bodywork experience. 

Professional Photo Session


Part of growing your business and brand is having content and photos that are inspiring and eye catching.  

You will  have an on site photographer who  will  work with you to develop exactly the right package and style for your particular niche.  

Even if you do not use these photos for business, you will have beautifully done professional shots from this magical retreat that will capture the essence of your life changing adventure!